Approval seeking

Are your days sometimes made or broken by a compliment or a criticism? Do you fret about the amount of likes you get on social media? Do you find yourself saying yes to stuff you don’t really want to do because you worried about upsetting someone? If any...

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Jo Kane featured in Top Sante Feb edition

The article entitled ‘ We changed our jobs – AND OUR LIVES’  looks a examples of women who didnt let fear stand in the way of making bold changes in their lives and achieving success on their own terms. ‘With The Right Approach You Can Be Happy, Healthy And...

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Are you operating on automatic ?

We all spend so much of the time doing things by rote .. “We do it this way because that’s what we did  in the past and if it worked then why waste time doing it another way? ” Auto-pilot’s a good thing right? It enables us to focus on other things. The thing is,...

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