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The Suited Hippy And The Stress Junkie

This story is inspired by Joanna’s own journey which led her from boardroom to cancer clinic, where she encountered some of her worst fears and emerged with real clarity about her life’s purpose.

By reading this novel you will discover for yourself how to
· minimise stress in your life
· Enjoy more balance
· Uncover what’s holding you back
· Reconnect with who you were meant to be
· Find your authentic voice

The Suited Hippy And The Angry Boss

Money. Success. A beautiful wife and kids. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Mark has it all. So why can’t he sleep at night?

What Readers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our readers do the talking!

“I have just finished reading The Suited Hippy and I really can’t say enough good things about it. I work for a PR firm in London and a lot of the stresses and insecurities that feature in the book really rang true to me. This is an extremely well-written book, but more importantly, it’s a book that really gets you thinking about your priorities and what you want out of life, whilst also providing some very useful and practical ideas on how to get there. This is the sort of book that you will want to pass on to friends and families even before you reach the last page, as the topics and themes that it raises are not only very powerful, but also universal. Cannot recommend it enough. “

An insightful and thought-provoking book

Michael kahn

It is a great book! it is very useful for women in high positions or those who is dreaming of going on top. It gives a clue how to cope with fears, to feel safe exiting a comfort-zone, to gain necessarily self-confidence and just to be yourself, be self-consciousness and self-controlled. It resonates with reality of working pressure and speaks unspoken feelings that women normally suppress because they might cause us look fragile and incapable keeping top positions.
The book is empowering and motivating. It gives a way how to find yourself and overcome the “side effect” of growth. It is a story, but it provided with some coaching techniques, gives clues how to deal with some situations (even pleasant one but still stressful like getting promoted) and provides inspiring thoughts.
I liked the way the book is written. Characters are described very deep and thoroughly. Narrative is wise and witty. Authors have done a great job! I must tell that this book goes beyond the borders. I live in Russia, but all the reality of the business world is alike and I’ve found a lot of reflections. I would recommend translate the book in other languages and be sure readers will get and enjoy it!

Great Book !

Svetlana Ivchenko

The Suited Hippy and the Stress Junkie is a modern day parable that explores one woman’s journey to wholeness. It is the story of Germaine, who through her own particular work, health and relationship experiences allows us all the opportunity to do a little self-reflection about where we could make a difference not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others too.

Although this book is written to be read by anyone, my feeling is that it will have a particular resonance for women; particularly those who are juggling social and personal expectations of what they could and should achieve, with work and life. It is littered with helpful suggestions about how we could all achieve the final goal of looking back on a life well-lived.

Germaine is social and cultural alchemist for the times we are now living through and if you enjoy reading Paolo Coelho then this book will definitely resonate.

A Modern Day Parable

Linda Prkinson-Hardman

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