Team Peak Performance


The Challenge

common to many large corporations there were issues with communication both within teams and between departments.

The Solution

By introducing a common framework for individual and team development and a common language through which people could gain greater understanding of themselves and others the team built  a greater level of trust and engagement.

Success That Sustains

Tackling issues at the belief level in combination with giving the tools and skills to deal with others enables individuals to achieve more with less effort.

We Rethought Everything


Increased Productivity


Improved Team Communication


Improved Team Collaboration


Improved Team Engagement

  • Team Engagement 50% 50%
  • Increased Efficiency 40% 40%
  • Improved Communication 80% 80%
  • Job Satisfaction 75% 75%

The Results Were Amazing

Engagement was increased through

  • creating greater awareness of emotional and personality differences
  • developing tools and techniques to adapt and connect
  • building trust
  • developing awareness of values
  • Connecting personal vision to that of the team and organisation

This in turn increased efficiency and productivity.  

Employee Engagement Boosted By 50%

Emotional Intelligence

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Coaching Skills

  • Effective Listening
  • Feedback
  • Challenging Conversations

Personality Profiling

Using the Insights Discovery personality profiling tool Puma employees gained a better understanding of :-

  • Their own strengths and blind-spots
  • How to deal with people of different personality traits
  • Their team strengths and weaknesses

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