What might be possible if you or your team were more INSPIRED ?..

What might be possible if you or your team were more CREATIVE ?...

What might be possible if you or your team were more ENGAGED ?...

What We Do

We are a boutique coaching organisation specialising in coaching and team and leadership development programmes. We work with forward-thinking corporations, helping them engage, inspire and motivate their leaders and teams to achieve sustainable, successful performance. We take a holistic approach to understanding what is going on in the system, working closely with individuals to explore the beliefs and mind-sets that sit beneath the surface. Our unique coaching programmes deliver proven, transformative results – energising and empowering leaders and their teams to be the best that they can be.




Working with individuals and teams to create new worlds of possibility and find a new and fresh way to inspire and be inspired.


Changing what we believe about ourselves and how we see the world can be truly transformational.


We believe that our potential is infinite and we’re passionate about being catalysts to that creative power.

Our Clients

Puma UK Ltd engaged with Trailblazers for

  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Peak Performance
  • Talent Development

BE YOU - Talent programme, CASE STUDY

SKY engaged Trailblazers to provide :

  • Igniter Sessions
  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Away Days
  • Department Motivational Away Days


Farrow & Ball engaged with Trailblazers for

  • Coaching Skills
Farrow & Ball

Coaching Skills

Gemini Search engaged Trailblazers to provide :

  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Effectiveness
Gemini People


Puma UK Ltd engaged with Trailblazers for

  • Team Development
  • Talent Development
Morgan Hunt

Team Development

Coley Porter Bell engaged Trailblazers to provide :

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Mindsets For Success Programme
Coley Porter Bell


Tools We Use

Insights Discovery Personality Profiling
insights logo
Insights Team Diagnostics
yellow corp backdrop 1
Motivational Maps
emotional Intelligence 360
peak performance programme
Stresscan - Stress Inventory

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